- Anon

Over the last year or so, I have had the opportunity to utilise information provided by Anna. Without exception I have found that her methods have made a difference to the way I parent and the “issues” I have been faced with & I know this is the case for others she has helped. She looked at many areas of my child’s life. Once Anna gathered this information she was able to address the reasons for the problem, rather than just fixing the problem. To draw an analogy I felt she was like a builder who rectified the reason for the cracked walls, rather than just putting patches over them. The upshot of this was I found she is able to ascertain a strategy that is unique for the baby/toddler and parents that works first to remove the cause and as a result fix the issues.

- Cathryn

Anna consistently provided sound advice that was often supported with well-researched evidence. As a mother herself she was empathetic to my needs as well as my children’s. Her approach to our problems was always calm, firm and very reassuring. Anna always recognised the diversity of the family and how each individual was being affected, and offered advice for each scenario. I strongly recommend Anna to you.

- D

Anna has an extremely calm and personable manner, which I found invaluable when I had high anxiety levels in those early weeks. She kept up very regular contact, checking to see how our day had gone, and making refinements to methods as required. She has an excellent understanding of the various theories and practices for “making” babies sleep (such as the UN advocated ‘cry it out’ method), and for those in “helping” babies to sleep, and their subsequent effects on the developing baby and child. I can now put him to bed and be assured that with a little help from me, he is content and able to fall off to sleep! I would recommend Anna and her methods in a heartbeat, for any mother experiencing difficulties with a sleepless baby.

- K

Anna has shown me the links between how I react to my children (my attachment to them) and how that influences more than one area of their lives, sleep, social skills etc. This has made me look at my children’s needs in new ways and has meant that when I am faced with a ‘new problem’ I look at causes rather than a solution.

- K

Anna’s compassionate nature and willingness to help others is what first drew me to ask for her assistance. The fact her knowledge and advice takes into account the babies/toddlers developing emotional needs is also something I see as important.

- K & S

I wanted to thank you personally for the help that you have offered to our family. The difference to all of us is huge and I really can’t thank you enough. S is now sleeping for 2 hours + through the middle of the day and is now sleeping through the night. If anyone had told me a few months ago that this would be the way it would be now, I’d have thought they were nuts! It is just like a dream to have time during the day AND uninterrupted sleep at night! I will most definitely highly recommend you to anyone I think may benefit from your wonderful, gentle approach.

- LK

Anna methods are gentle but they work. A wonderful thing to discover. We are extremely glad that we chose to work with Anna – it has been a huge turning-point and a big relief.

- Mum and Dad of S

There are truly no words that can express the gratitude that we have for Anna. Our family life has been changed immeasurably and we couldn’t recommend her more highly!

- N & R

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the help you have given us over the last 6-7 weeks. There has been a huge change in our daughter’s behaviour, which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve on our own – which has made a huge difference to all of our lives.

- T

Anna has a wonderful gentle approach that is still practical for working and stay at home mothers. Her methods always take into account not only the stage of development but also their psychological needs. I have great respect for Anna. Her advice on behaviour is obviously well researched and thought out. She seems to approach all people as individuals and advises accordingly as well as taking into account the situation of the parents. Her methods give the best of attachment orientated parenting. The best part is of course that her advice and methods have and do indeed work, I have had great success working with her and I know others do as well. I do not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Anna for any role working children's behaviour issues.

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