Dr Anna Martin


Child, Adolescent, Adult & Couples Therapist

Dr Anna Martin is a child, adolescent, adult and couples therapist. Anna was awarded her PhD from the University of Auckland and her Master of Counselling from Massey University and has worked in various environments, but has spent the majority of her time consulting in private practice. Anna is also an ACC registered therapist.Anna works with individuals an a variety of issues (outlined below) and has published articles on areas relating to attachment, behaviour and discipline and the parent/child relationship. Anna has presented at seminars and workshops around the country.Anna’s focus for her PhD thesis involved undertaking research that explored the discipline process and the parent/child relationship. Her thesis also investigated some of the current mainstream discipline methods that are widely used by parents. Anna found that many of the methods often did not provide the parent with the necessary tools to achieve a productive discipline event solution that supported the development of the child and the child did not have the opportunity to share their voice or perspective. Without these tools the outcome of the discipline event can increase the level of conflict and impact negatively on the parent/child relationship. As a result of her thesis findings Anna was able to create two discipline methods to encourage a new discipline paradigm and lower levels of conflict between parent and child. The two discipline methods support the parent and child to work towards a productive discipline event outcome and in doing so minimise conflict and help to maintain a secure and attached relationship.For a number of years Anna was on the expert panel for the largest and popular parenting magazine, Littlies, as the child, adolescent and adult therapist. Anna has also been a guest on TVNZ and TV3 where she discussed topics such as sleep and behaviour. Anna has also published articles on parenting in New Zealand and overseas publications.

Anna utilises a collaborative approach and works with clients on a number of issues ranging from:

  • Couple Related Issues
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression, self-harm, identity and self-esteem issues
  • Step-family issues
  • Infant and child sleep issues
  • Children’s behavioural issues (both at home and at school)
  • Parent/child relationship
  • Attachment
  • ACC registered therapist

Professional qualifications

  • PhD, University of Auckland
  • Master of Counselling, Massey University
  • Specialised Post Graduate paper - Attachment Theory
  • Bachelor of Arts, Victoria University of Wellington
  • ACC registered

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