Anna has shown me the links between how I react to my children (my attachment to them) and how that influences more than one area of their lives, sleep, social skills etc. This has made me look at my children’s needs in new ways and has meant that when I am faced with a ‘new problem’ I look at causes rather than a solution.


Over the last year or so, I have had the opportunity to utilise information provided by Anna. Without exception I have found that her methods have made a difference to the way I parent and the “issues” I have been faced with & I know this is the case for others she has helped. She looked at many areas of my child’s life. Once Anna gathered this information she was able to address the reasons for the problem, rather than just fixing the problem. To draw an analogy I felt she was like a builder who rectified the reason for the cracked walls, rather than just putting patches over them. The upshot of this was I found she is able to ascertain a strategy that is unique for the baby/toddler and parents that works first to remove the cause and as a result fix the issues.


Anna’s compassionate nature and willingness to help others is what first drew me to ask for her assistance. The fact her knowledge and advice takes into account the babies/toddlers developing emotional needs is also something I see as important.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the help you have given us over the last 6-7 weeks. There has been a huge change in our daughter’s behaviour, which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve on our own – which has made a huge difference to all of our lives. 

N & R